Our Mission

For every candle sold, we donate 5% of profits to help provide solar lights to developing countries! 

1.2+ billion across the world do not have access to electricity. That’s 20% of the world’s population!

So when the sun goes down, they are left in complete darkness.

Families then have to resort to buying kerosene lights which release black carbon soot (a toxic fume) into the environment and warms the climate up to 1,500 times stronger than carbon dioxide. This thick, toxic smoke causes 4 million people to die prematurely due to household air pollution (source: Eden Greenspace). Using kerosene lamps can lead to higher risk of home fires and are expensive for these families to purchase.

That’s why Wick Guru has supports the non-profit charity, Solar Aid, which sells (instead of gives) solar lights to those in need through their social enterprise, Sunny Money. Selling (instead of giving) creates a more sustainable and far reaching market within these off the grid, rural communities.


For every candle ordered, 5% of our profits goes towards Solar Aid. We see it as light for light. With our help, Solar Aid can reach their goal of eradicating the use of kerosene lamps in Africa by 2030.

For every solar light donated:

  • Every member of the household can use it

  • 5 people have access to clean, safe light

  • 1 more child studying after dark

  • $126 saved each year as families no longer have to purchase kerosene lights or batteries. This money can then be spent on food, education and medicine.

  • 1.1 tones of CO2 emissions are avoided. That’s equivalent to the emissions of a return flight from London to Dubai (Source: Eden Greenspace).

By supporting our small business, you are helping us reach our mission of lighting up the world... sustainably!